At Baleària Port there is no time for boredom. The maritime complex offers the visitor an interesting sociocultural offer through diverse, specially designed spaces. In these areas presentations, conferences and courses are held periodically as well as handicraft markets and countless leisure activities designed for the entertainment of old and young.

La Plaça de la Llum

This is a space located in the hall of the building, a place designed for encounters and meetings, a central point, similar to a village square.  Different leisure and children’s activities are held, such as storytelling, contests, etc.

La Casa de la Paraula

A hall with capacity for about 100 people where there are presentations, conferences, workshops, courses and meetings, among other activities.

Multiespai l'Androna

A cosy and modern events hall with a capacity for 300-500 people and all the amenities necessary for the enjoyment of the guests. The hall is divided into a snack zone, perfectly for receiving guests, and another for serving lunch or dinner.  Both have been decorated with incomparable style and distinction.  More information.